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The State Department is in good (little) hands…

26 Jan

state-dept-cropThe State Department is in good hands… very capable hands, with an excellent grasp of foreign women… I mean, relations. Because a very smart guy and successful businessman worth billions like me doesn’t need any advice. I advise myself, and by myself I mean one of my personalities that lies awake at 3 A.M. worrying about attacks on America. But a hands-on guy can accomplish many wonderful things, things you haven’t even imagined yet, and I’ll get to that real soon. When you’re famous you can grab anything, and when you’re delusional you can even believe you’ve got a grip on things. And if I’m not sure what to do, I’ll just pick up the phone and talk to Vlad. Because there’s a guy who really understands diplomacy.

Read my lips

22 Oct

read-my-lips-crop48Read my lips. They say so many things about me. They form sentences you wouldn’t believe. No one respects language better than me.

Double-down Donald

12 Oct

double-down-donald-cropGo for a hat trick? Never elected!


27 Sep


For more information on braggadocio, see Sixty Shades of Greatness.

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