retroAlan is available to work as a writer, editor and publisher for a wide variety of projects, both creative and corporate.

Fees vary, and can be quoted on the basis of flat rate assignment, hourly rates, word count, etc. 

Contact for queries about your projects and quotations on his available services.


Expertise: Human resources, mining, railway, transportation

Media: Annual reports, articles for publications, business proposals, employee/investor/public relations, job aids, job bulletins, performance reviews, technical reports, website content

Services: Writing, editing, proofreading, research


Expertise: Published 10 novels and one short story collection. Two animation scripts and one radio script produced. Edited approximately 20 novels for clients.

Media: Novels, screenplays, stories

Services: Copy editing, proofreading, story consulting


Expertise: Western and Vedic astrology. Published three astrology books. Published five articles in print medium, multiple articles online.

Media: Books and articles for publication

Services: Copy editing, proofreading, concept consulting


Expertise: Self-published 10 books. Guided/managed self-publishing process for 12 non-fiction works by clients.

Media: Ebooks at Amazon KDP, Smashwords et al, print-on-demand at CreateSpace

Services: Copy editing, proofreading, formatting, account management, cover design consulting, marketing consulting



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