offers a six-pack of writing from Alan Annand: novels, short fiction, non-fiction, humor, poetry and music. Call him what you will (writer, astrologer, palmist, musician, agent provocateur, infomaniac) he likes to emulate his favorite band — a rolling stone who needs no boss.

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“Alan Annand displays incredible literary power as a poet in prose – in the style of Hammett and Hemingway – to describe places and people. He’s written a page-turner for sure, and a seriously magnificent piece of work.” ~ Michael Lutin (astrologer, The Huffington Post)

Ebook Al Quebeca v4darker charcoal thumbAl-Quebeca starts as a police procedural and quickly turns into a complex thriller involving a terrorist cell. Detective Sophie Gillette is smart, troubled and tough, her dialogue sharp, realistic and witty. Riveting story-telling on multiple levels, with plot threads masterfully twisted, then unraveled to a satisfying end. A page-turning, keep-you-up-past-your-bedtime read!” ~ an Amazon review

SR3 ebook thumbScorpio Rising (New Age Noir #1) does for astrology what The Da Vinci Code did for art history. The rapid pace and constant suspense will please thriller fans, and if you enjoy a good crime story with a protagonist who gives you a unique glimpse into a specialized field, then this book is for you.” ~ Suite101 Book Reviews

thumb_FMFor any mystery buff, I’d recommend Felonious Monk (New Age Noir #2) for its sheer entertainment value. But if you’re also a New Age type who doesn’t flinch at some mayhem, this one will not only entertain you, it’ll inspire you. That’s a hard balancing act to get right but Annand nails it.” ~ Steven Forrest, astrologer/author

“The characters in Soma County (New Age Noir #3) are well developed, the plot rich and fast-paced. With snippets of astrology, palmistry, numerology, and Vedic lore, this is a painless introduction to some esoteric principles as well as a thriller you won’t want to put down.” ~ The ISAR Journal

“For Canadian writers setting hard-boiled mystery stories in Canada, the closest approximation yet to a US-style private eye is Montreal investigator Lee Harms in Harm’s Way by Alan Annand.” ~ Rara-Avis Book Reviews

“Take one rich twin and one poor twin, throw in a bipolar wife, shake violently, and you have the makings of another delicious crime novel by Alan Annand. Hide in Plain Sight is a delightful form of psychological torture.” ~ Suite101 Book Reviews

Antenna Syndrome June14 v5 midAntenna Syndrome mixes post-apocalyptic Raymond Chandler and science-fiction to send up the hard-boiled genre. It’s got humor, action, horror and a whiff of sleaze that offers a refreshing alternative to straight SF. Read, be appalled and enjoy.” ~ a Goodreads review



From Latin sextilis, 1/6 of a circle. In astrology, a sextile is a 60° arc between two celestial bodies, an “aspect” conducive to mental stimulation and creativity. Because a sextile is the 6th harmonic of a circle, it takes on qualities of Venus, bringing enjoyment and stimulation – particularly the intellectual variety.

A devotee of Venus


Writers give great dialog.


Astrologers do it with heavenly bodies.


Musicians keep up the rhythm.


Alan Annand

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