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Monday I had Friday on my mind…

4 Dec

friday_nothingOriginal eCard by Alan Annand, writer and astrologer

My sex life is like a Ferrari…

16 Sep

ferrari-sex-lifeeCard reposted by Alan Annand, writer and astrologer

I know too much…

12 Sep

born_yesterdayOriginal eCard by Alan Annand, writer and astrologer

A man who can play the accordion…

17 Apr


eCard reposted courtesy Alan Annand, writer and astrologer

The world’s most interesting astrologer: the Great Significator

16 Apr


Original eCard courtesy Alan Annand, writer and astrologer

I promise to be faithful…

15 Apr



Definition: negligent

13 Apr

negligentOriginal eCard courtesy Alan Annand, writer and astrologer

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