Thrillerama Extravaganza July 17-18

15 Jul

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If you love crime thrillers, this weekend (July 17-18 only) is your chance to load up on some terrific e-book bargains from among many American, British, Canadian (I’m one of them!), and Irish authors offering some of their best books for only $0.99.

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One Response to “Thrillerama Extravaganza July 17-18”

  1. kwhitestar04 July 15, 2015 at 3:50 pm #

    Woo-hoo, Alan! Another book I can devour to see how you use astrology to solve the case, LOVE that twist to my favorite genre.

    I will get and read it right away and then I’ll mention it to my Vedic astrology study group, do a review on it in my newsletter to my list, and a review on Amazon too.

    Keep writing, you are one of my favorite providers of my drug of choice, the mystery story 🙂

    Karen Divine Time Astrology

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