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Book Review: Karmic Dates & Momentary Mates

14 Jun

karmic datesThis book by Jessica Shepherd is a lively and thoughtful exploration of what is arguably one of the most significant aspects of many people’s lives – romance. And since romance is often a prelude to marriage and other commitments, our attitude toward it is fertile ground for analyzing the karma we bring to the dating game.

The fifth house is where we gauge the nature of our interest in playing with others. It’s the place where we express our individuality, exercise our creative urges, have fun, and freely engage with those whom we consider appealing. But what appeals to one can be distinctly different from what appeals to another. In this regard, an astrological birth chart is useful in illuminating our individual wants and needs.

Jessica walks us through all possible influences on our fifth house – planets by occupation and rulership of the sign on the fifth cusp, using the 10-planet system of sign lords. Planet by planet, sign by sign, she paints a picture of the dominant influences, describing the manifold ways in which our thoughts, emotions and needs provoke engagement with our karmic dates.

And along with fun, there are responsibilities as well, for not all romantic impulses play out frivolously. Although some seek thrills, others seek guidance, and still others seek knowledge of themselves that can only be discovered through deep reflection in the eyes of a soul mate, whether nascent or full-blown.

Written with warmth and clarity, this book provides useful insight into what we bring to every date – a sense of fun, a need to learn, a sorrow to dissolve – and how we can recognize and understand our playmates on the path.

Buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Karmic-Dates-Momentary-Mates-Astrology/dp/1500892785

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