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Word cloud: Scorpio Rising

8 Jun

Somebody I follow on Twitter turned me on to this cool site  (www.wordle.net). You can enter a batch of words from the “word cloud” that describes whatever your latest opus is all about, and Wordle will render it as a cool text graphic. Wordle does this by scrambling your text at random and then throwing it up on the screen in just one of many possible layouts, plus random font and color choices. But that’s just for an appetizer. If you think you can improve on random creativity (and who do you think you are — God?) you can choose your own configuration, font and color, and still get a playfully random mix in the end.

This featured graphic was made by using just a few of the words that help describe my novel Scorpio Rising, in which a private investigator uses astrology, palmistry and omens to solve a three-way murder conspiracy. You can find it on Amazon, Smashwords and other online retailers.

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