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With my new binoculars…

3 Jul

Tourist's Attraction

..I can look at celestial bodies.

She was a sloppy kisser…

3 Jul

Nhu Xuan Hua - Chimere

…but I loved her all the same. 

Everything goes better with tequila!

30 Jun

People said our ménage à trois would never work…

29 Jun


…and although he isn’t much of a conversationalist, he’s an absolute animal in bed.

They were beautiful women but…

29 Jun

It's Nice That : Photography: Charles Fréger's folkloric quest to discover the Wild Man in 18 countries

…they dressed like this so that men would appreciate them more for their minds.

Loves to sing and dance…

29 Jun

no idea

… he’s a real fungi.

They’d raised him from a cub…

27 Jun


…but Ted and Sylvia dreaded the day they’d be obliged to tell Bruno he was adopted.

What to wear on a first date

2 Jun

No automatic alt text available.

Well, she’s a porcupine, so I’m playing it safe.


The persistence of cats

21 May

Because cats have no sense of time…

Who’s up for coffee…?

19 May

I slept in late. Is there any coffee left?

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