Milan Kundera (b. April 1st): “All great novels, all true novels, are bisexual.”

1 Apr

Milan Kundera, born 1 April 1929, is the Czech Republic’s most recognized living writer. He has lived in exile in France since 1975. Kundera’s best-known work is The Unbearable Lightness of Being. A perennial contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature, he has been nominated on several occasions.

Quotes on writing:

  1. All great novels, all true novels, are bisexual.
  2. To be a writer does not mean to preach a truth, it means to discover a truth.
  3. For a novelist, a given historic situation is an anthropologic laboratory in which he explores his basic question: What is human existence?
  4. The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything. The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything.
  5. Once the writer in every individual comes to life (and that time is not far off), we are in for an age of universal deafness and lack of understanding.
  6. The light that radiates from the great novels time can never dim, for human existence is perpetually being forgotten by man and thus the novelists’ discoveries, however old they may be, will never cease to astonish.

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