Lauren Kate (b. Mar 21): “See the entire world as your muse.”

21 Mar

KateLauren Kate, born 21 March 1981, is an international best-selling author of young adult fiction. Her seven books have been translated into more than 30 languages.

Four quotes on writing:

  1. Be fearless. Be glib. Be enigmatic. Read everything you can. Always finish your stories. Find a writing friend who can give you comments and help you get perspective.
  2. I surprised myself by meticulously plotting out Fallen before I wrote it. Character descriptions, paragraph-long synopses for each chapter, “big” endings, the whole deal.
  3. I majored in creative writing in college, and went on to get a masters degree in fiction — but I don’t think those things are necessary to being a good writer. Practice, curiosity, voracious reading, and diligence are more important than any degree.
  4. Live your life as a curious person. Try to see the entire world as your muse. Ask questions. Dismiss nothing. Eavesdrop. Always eavesdrop. You’ll have more fun, learn all the time, and when the time comes to sit down and write, you’ll have a whole line-up of stories just waiting to be told.

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