Al-Quebeca: fiction that could be tomorrow’s headlines

27 Sep

AQ ebook thumbMy police procedural AL-QUEBECA, in which a female Montreal homicide detective investigates a hit-and-run and discovers a terrorist cell, has received 30 Amazon reviews averaging 4.5 stars. The top 10:

“A police procedural with such atmospheric detail I was reminded of Inspector Renko of Martin Cruz Smith fame.”

“Fascinating novel with just the right amounts of procedural, mystery and suspense! Detective Sophie Gillette is a mix of tough and tender, trying to keep it together and do her job in spite of her own pain.”

“Annand’s hypothetical telling of an unfolding terrorist strike in Canada chills with its realism. Riveting story-telling on multiple levels.”

“Hard to believe the author’s a man, since his insight into the feelings of his female lead are so sensitive.” 

“It starts as a police procedural, shifts to suspense/thriller and winds up as an action joyride to a surprise ending. Right up there with Clancy and DeMille!”

skull-bomb@50%“What do you get when you weave renegade bikers and a terrorist cell with weapons of mass destruction into a police procedural? So many threads masterfully twisted, then unravelled to a satisfying ending.”

“Very entertaining and just enough truth to be scary. Fiction that could be tomorrow’s headlines.”

“Annand has a knack for quick, realistic, witty dialog. His lead police officer Gillette gives us everything we want in a female character. She’s smart, tough, vulnerable and real.”

“Intense and captivating, very hard to put down. Highly recommended for anyone who likes thrillers and complex police procedurals.”

“A timely subject and a plausible plot. Montreal’s atmosphere is rendered with a touch evocative of Graham Greene!”


AL-QUEBECA is available at Amazon, AppleBarnes&Noble, Flipkart, Kobo and Smashwords.

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