BookTalk Nation

9 Jan


Booktalk Nation returns from its holiday hiatus with a full slate of nationwide dial-in events. This week, former CNN anchor Kitty Pilgrim discusses her latest thriller and Carolyn Mackler and Jay Asher talk about collaborating on their acclaimed YA novel, The Future of Us. Next week, Lois Lowry will discuss the concluding book in her Newbery winning series that began with The Giver, and Emma Straub will talk about her widely praised debut novel about Hollywood’s golden age.

Later this month, Pulitzer Prize winners Richard Russo and Robert K. Massie will be discussing their latest books, and PEN/Robert Bingham Prize winner Vanessa Veselka will talk about her debut novel, Zazen.
Here’s this month’s Booktalk Nation events (all start 7:00 Eastern/4:00 Pacific):
Wed, Jan 9: Kitty Pilgrim talks with journalist Peter Tedeschi about The Stolen Chalice.
Thurs, Jan 10: Carolyn Mackler and Jay Asher discuss their collaboration on The Future of Us with Karen Holt.
Mon, Jan 14: Author Lauren Groff interviews Emma Straub about her debut novel, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures.
Tues, Jan 15: Newbery Medal winner Lois Lowry talks about her latest novel, Son, with fellow children’s author Tanya Lee Stone.
Tues, Jan 22: PEN/Robert Bingham Prize winner Vanessa Veselka discusses her novel, Zazen, with Pauls Toutonghi.
Thurs, Jan 24: Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Richard Russo discusses his most personal book, Elsewhere: A Memoir, with author Nick Taylor.
Tues, Jan 29: Pulitzer Prize winner Robert K. Massie talks about his latest biography, Catherine the Great, Portrait of a Woman with biographer David Michaelis.
About Booktalk Nation
Booktalk Nation’s nationwide phone-in events are intended to supplement book tours and other efforts promoting new books. provides an e-commerce platform in conjunction with its events, allowing readers to order books that authors will personally sign at host bookstores. Proceeds from these sales are divided between the host store and any affiliate brick-and-mortar bookstores that bring book buyers to the site. For the next few months, Booktalk Nation will be hosting up to three events per week. The number of events are expected to increase as more bookstores sign on as hosts.

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