ebook launch: SCORPIO RISING

24 May

As some of you know, I also play a “public” role as a Vedic astrologer and palmist. But as a great reader (and writer) of mystery fiction, I’ve often wondered what might have happened if my teacher (Hart deFouw) had been inclined to pursue criminology. How would he have used his knowledge of astrology, palmistry, numerology and omens to find missing people, retrieve stolen objects, or solve crimes?

This novel is my answer to that question. And it’s an ebook because…

Before this year, I’d written articles on astrology and palmistry, had a couple of animation scripts produced, and published five novels under pseudonyms.

Although I’d always planned to keep on getting books published in the traditional way, in the last couple of years, technology has been rapidly transforming (ie, crushing) the conventional book business.

I’ve seen the writing on the wall. The paper book is dying, and ebooks are filling the void at a much lower cost to consumers. Therefore, I have joined the revolution.

Two of my novels are now available immediately in all of the formats used in the most popular ereading devices – Amazon’s Kindle, the Apple iPad, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Sony Reader and others.

By summer’s end, I’ll re-issue another three novels previously published under pseudonyms. Other original works will follow, including a “New Age noir” series of which Scorpio Rising is the first installment starring my astrologer/palmist hero.

Scorpio Rising

An astrologer investigates the killing of a New York City heiress, only to discover that her death is linked to two other murders on the same day: a dot-com millionaire in San Francisco, and the team leader of a government counter-terrorist project in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

To sample or purchase Scorpio Rising for the Kindle, go to Amazon: www.amazon.com/Scorpio-Rising-ebook/dp/B0050IOY6I

For all other ereader formats, go to Smashwords: www.smashwords.com/books/view/59231

 Only $2.99

To follow my astrological activities, visit www.navamsa.com. You can also befriend me on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter. My writing site is still www.sextile.com

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