Official publisher of writing by Alan Annand: novels, short fiction, humor and the occasional song.

Alan Annand is a 
writer, astrologer, palmist, musician, agent provocateur and infomaniac. 

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“Alan Annand displays incredible literary power as a poet in prose – in the style of Hammett and Hemingway – to describe places and people. He’s written a page-turner for sure, and a seriously magnificent piece of work.” ~ Michael Lutin (astrologer, The Huffington Post)

Scorpio Rising does for astrology what The Da Vinci Code did for art history. The rapid pace and constant suspense will please thriller fans, and if you enjoy a good crime story with a protagonist who gives you a unique glimpse into a specialized field, then this book is for you.” ~ Suite101 Book Reviews

“For Canadian writers setting hard-boiled mystery stories in Canada, the closest approximation yet to a US-style private eye is Montreal investigator Lee Harms in Harm’s Way by Alan Annand.” ~ Rara-Avis Book Reviews

“Take one rich twin and one poor twin, throw in a bipolar wife, shake violently, and you have the makings of another delicious crime novel by Alan Annand. Hide in Plain Sight is a delightful form of psychological torture…” ~ Suite101 Book Reviews


From Latin sextilis, 1/6 of a circle. In astrology, a sextile is a 60° arc between two celestial bodies, an “aspect” conducive to mental stimulation and creativity. Because a sextile is the 6th harmonic of a circle, it takes on qualities of Venus, bringing enjoyment and stimulation – particularly the intellectual variety.

A devotee of the Venusian arts

In the beginning, I was just a guy with a guitar who liked to write poetry. Later came stories, scripts and novels. Later, much later, came publishing.

Writers give great dialogue, astrologers do it with heavenly bodies, and musicians keep up the rhythm.

Indeed, writing, astrology and music are my passions — things I’d do even if no one paid me. is my offering to Venus and her fine arts.

  • For my novels, browse the “Books” section.
  • For my short fiction and humor, see my “Blog”.
  • To hear a grown man sing like a wounded coyote, listen to my “Music”. 

Alan Annand

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